Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fun dog training and what to do with those prepaid postage return envelope

I had a glorious Friday. ;) I took that as a vacation to celebrate my own birthday. I went shopping and got my brow done. ha.

Just had a brief "quick quick game" with Gigi. It's fun and easy. What you need is your pup's favorite treat (I use Gigi's kibbles) and space. It's essentially a recall and nose touch game. First, decide the command word for "come" (I use "quick" and I only use it when Gigi M-U-S-T come, other times I just use "come"). So you extend you palm anywhere and say "quick", once Gigi touches my palm I threw the treat somewhere that she had to go and get, I threw it across the room... and while she went and took the treat, I had my palm out again and called "quick", so she would come RUNNING back to touch my palm. :) And I would throw out another treat once she touched my palm. The fun part is Gigi got to run, and I got to feed her (I could totally use her dinner for this) and have fun have your palms up high, so the dog have to stand up. Gigi loves this game.

Do you get any of those letter trying to sell you credit cards and comes with a postage return envelope? I watched it from a YouTube video suggesting that you should mail it back with everything that comes with the letter. It will help the USPS and that the sender may finally get the message to not send you anything??? Anyhoo, I did it for fun and that I don't have to take out as much recycle as I have to. I, however, cut out my personal information, and if I have some fun items laying around I include them in the envelope too. Try it, it's fun and great for the economy.

I was watching Mama Mia on TV and I found out one of the ladies who played Donna's best friend is Mrs. Weasley!!! haha.