Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Personalized dachshund jewelry

By now you must know I am a Gigi-obsessed person.  And by that extend, I love all dachshunds and dogs.  Gigi is my first dachshund.  Yes,  first dog and first dachshund.  And I don't regret it a bit.

Hint:  if you want me to buy anything... have a dachshund and if I can further personalized with Gigi's name, even better!

I came across to a groupon coupon from KidzCanDesign.  Even though I do not have any human kids, I don't care, I was going to buy it.  Then I remember my doodle!

 photo photo1-529.jpg
Dachshund/Gigi necklaces.  Looooooooooove!

 photo photo3-103.jpg
Isn't it amazing??? :)  I love it.

talk photo a5b38311-8b4e-4c35-ba96-dfc8de3bc1f2.jpg

This is me and my coworker "chatting". :)

 photo 1002980_480564862029668_1757414066_n.jpg
I have posted this in another post.  Whovi-Os.  Doctor Who cereal!  Apparently the artist also created other cereals. :D

 photo 1016622_477107205708767_1566728846_n.jpg
Iron Bran and Gamma Smacks.  LOL. By this artist.  I'd love to have a tee  for these 2 as well.

 photo 531816_448000531952768_361167943_n.png
Another one!!!

And today I have made another expensive purchase that is Gigi related.  I will post when I have received it.  This one is highly personalized, so it will probably take way longer.  That's why I love Etsy!

 photo omfgdogs.gif
How about this? ;)