Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I have become a shopaholic again.  ::cringe::

But here are what I have received yesterday...

Metaderm acne spray.  That's the same place that I got my eczema cream.
Shiro Cosmetic Intertube.  This is their lippies. :)  I got Nyan Cat and Forty Cake.  You can see swatches here.  Nice colors.
Simbiosis pouch.
ELF HD powder.  I bought this to set my undereye concealer.
Sigma F86 and P84.
Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish Spray

No picutures of these (yet).  But I am getting back into makeup.  As of now, it's just foundation and powder and concealer and lippies.  My current fav is Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation.  It's pretty great, I don't have to use a primer.  The HD powder, I bought to set my undereye concealer (Maybelline Instant Age rewind)... and I read that you should set it with a powder, so it will last longer (also I have been watching lots of YouTube videos too.  Ha!).  So I bought this powder (per my research), then I remember I have lots of powder I could use first... so I haven't open this yet.  But I have heard lots of good things about this.  And it's only $6.  I am also slowly building up my routine of products and brushes for putting on my makeup.  I really like Sigma brushes and a few of the EcoTool brushes I got (I bought 2 sets earlier this month-this and this).

Annnnnnnd it also appears to me that I could be the only person who has not seen The Day of the Doctor.  FAIL.  But I have preordered the DVD, so a small yay.  It sometimes sucks to not have cable... but there are only so many channels that I really like.  And I am not paying for someone (in the house, that I shall not name... and NO, it's not Gigi) to watch TV.