Thursday, November 21, 2013


So I haven't been updating on my Give Thanks post.  SHAME.  I know that (FOR A FACT) gratitude is so important and powerful and I treasure.  Even though I didn't post, but I do actually say a little thank you whenever appropriate. :)  And I also FEEL thankful... so it's not just word.

I am very thankful for my family.  Also very thankful for my little furry girl.  She is such a joy to have.  And makes me laugh a lot. :D

So this morning, I decided to take another selfie with the Gi... I took a bunch of photos, but none of them have her looking at the camera.  FAIL.  I really don't know when and how she got this bad habit. ;)

 photo photo_zpsad5dff93.jpg
BAM!  Selfie. :)

I also need to find a REALLY good ridge filling base coat, as my nails are YUCKY and I am going to blame that on the stupid eczema too. :)