Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Empties and some favorite

I have been keeping tracking of items that I have finished for a long time and never knew that people would do YouTube videos about those.  Ha!  But that makes sense, if you used up something, at least the product has to be a little bit good.  So I am doing a little blog post on my empties.  These are just the ones I have kept for the record and I have used up many many items before this.

  • Metaderm eczema cream--actually I used up a 32oz bottle and my initial 6oz tube.  I already bought another big one.
  • Metaderm eczema soothing spray--I have already used up a 2nd bottle and I am already on my 3rd!
  • Chagrin Valley Goat Milk Honey Oatmeal soap--I have used up many many bars of CV soaps, just another one.  I like all natural soap.
  • My own mix of shampoo:  It's for my eczema.  It's half TGel and half TSal.  I have used this mix for at least over a year now and it works for me.  I am so thankful for this.
  • Booda Butter.  It's all natural and smells like chocolate.  I used this at night with my gloves.  I have finished at least 2 small tins.
  • Aloe infused gloves. As seen above.   I now need to wear them at night, or else my hands hurt like crap when I wake up.  (This is more like fav, rather than empties, though I did buy 2 more pairs to rotate).  My very first pair is very very worn, so it could go bye bye any day now.
  • Babyganics eczema wipes.  Used up like 2 boxes already.  I have bought quite a few boxes as back up already.
  • I also have a MAC blotting powder that is on its way out, but there is still a thin ring around the pan!  LOL.  I have already opened a new one and have also been using Maybelline Matte Dream Powder and Revlon's colorstay powder too.  Can't have too many matte powder around.

 photo photo_zpsc2c4e1bf.jpg

So these are some of the empties I saved up and remember. :D  I will do more when I collect more empties.  I am enjoy doing it!