Saturday, December 7, 2013

First impression on NYX Butter Gloss

This type of "first impression" is a new thing for me, so they will probably be quick and sweet.

I got 2 yesterday at Ulta.  A little background story.  I ordered a few from Cherry Culture before I realized Ulta has them (duh!)... then I checked the status yesterday and was horrified to know that I entered the wrong shipping address!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Arg.  They don't reship products (I sent them an email), so I am counting that as a lost.  Lesson learned.  I need to be careful with entering my shipping address.  Hazard of moving to a new place.)  Anyway, I got 2.  Tiramisu and Vanilla Cream Pie.  I am not a super big fan of lip glosses, because they can be sticky and application can be tricky.  But I have read enough good thing that makes me want to try.  And right now it's buy one get one half off.  I have only tried Tiramisu this morning.

I can't smell anything from the gloss.  Nor do I taste anything.  The gloss is not sticky at all! And this color is a great color for me.  It is pigmented and not milky (I also don't like milky and/or sticky lip glosses).  So all in all, this is a "yay" for me. :D

 photo photo3_zps1ce23e96.jpg

Right is Tiramisu; left is Vanilla cream pie.

And here is a good blog post with all the colors. :)