Sunday, December 8, 2013

My current routine and products for Eczema

In this post, I try to share my daily routine of dealing with eczema and products I use.

In the morning, I use soaps from Chagrin Valley Soap for my face and body or Cetaphil® Restoraderm® Body Wash or the body wash from Babyganics (body only).  

After shower, I immediately spray Metaderm eczema spray on troubled spots and let it dry while I put on eye cream (Origin GinZing) and moisturizer on my face (Borage Therapy Advanced Formula) etc.  I sometimes uses a herbal salves (DIY or bought from Chagrin Valley) on the trouble spots (as an alternatives to steroid).   Then I use Metaderm eczema  cream all over from neck down.  I love this cream so much.  It is thick (qualified as cream IMO) and lasts much longer than my other cream.  That's pretty much it.  And throughout the day I would use either more Metaderm cream or Borage Therapy Advanced Formula or Cetaphil cream or Aveeno (the eczema formula).  As my hands don't retain much moisture.

As for night time, I remove make up with Yes to Cucumber facial towelettes then wash my face with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser.  I use Borage Therapy Advanced Formula as lotion and then I use Benefit eye cream (for my eyes. I really enjoy Benefit's products).  I sometimes wipe my body with Babyganics Eczema wipes.  Then I use Metaderm again for my body.

I sleep with gloves on.  If I don't, my hands will not be happy.  I slather on Booda Butter before I put the gloves on.  I should start putting lotion on first thing in the morning right after I take the gloves on.  They are still soft, but I start getting itchy fairly fast.

As for lip balm, I use either Booda or Hurraw and a few others.  I don't have eczema on my lips, but they do get dry... So I can choose from a large variety of goodies!  Yay.  As I love lippies!

I also wear makeup on most weekdays.  For foundation I use either Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + or Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation.  I use Revlon Colorstay powder or Maybelline Dream Matte powder.  Sometimes I throw in some mineral powder I got elsewhere.  I mostly just do my base color... and if I am "fancy", I may add blush or eyeshadows.  Since I don't have much issues with my face (Thank you Jesus.  I do have a small red patch that is problemetic sometimes), I am not as limited with my makeup choices as with my body moisturization.  But I do have a bunch of mineral makeup if I need to "go natural)... or I can go makeup-less.  BTW, I am really enjoying using the Beauty Blender to apply my makeup. And Sigma brushes are amazing too.

I hope this help some of you.  I still have not found the "magic products" yet, but the ones mentioned here are working as good as they can with my body chemistry as of now.