Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My pants are too big

Arg.  So... where should I start?  I do think I am fat, but not obese.  But a looooot of people tell me I am not fat.  Thanks.  Really.  I used to be very skinny when I was in highschool... but things changed when I move to US.  Anyway, my weight is always yo-yo-ing.  But currently I am not dieting or anything.  Though I want to get on some diet for my skin.

Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaay.  I bought some khakis from Old Navy online a few weeks ago.  I hate trying on things (even in the store) and I hate shopping in general.  Ha!  So I bought 3 pairs of khakis online.  I know (roughly) my size in Old Navy.  I have owned quite a few pairs of jeans and other khakis.  And a few days ago I also bought a pair of skinny jeans.  I always buy them in long, but not tall (I think tall is only available online).  So I bought a pair of size 8-long of skinny jeans.  The reason I chose 8 is because my previous khakis were size 10 and they were just right.  That's why I bought 3 more in that size.  But I tried a pair last week and I need a belt to hold the pants and I don't need to unzip it when I go use the bathroom.  Hmm... right.  But they look ok  That was the Diva style (I think).  So back to the skinny jeans, again... I need belt!  I can pull down my jeans without unzipping.  That's good news, right?  I don't know.  I know different company do sizing different... and even more so with different style.  So I can go down to a 6 next time... but I will try it on for sure.  And today I opened another pair of khaki.  This is the Sweet Heart style.  OMG.  I can totally tell it's way too big... the others I can fake it (sort of).  So I am wearing this big pair of too long pants to work today.  Ha.  So my pants are too big and I am too lazy to send them back.  And I bought them all on sale.  I think I will wash them in hot water to shrink them down a bit.  Mwahahaha.

I am feeling slightly better today.  I only slept for 2 hours or so last night.  The pills keep me awake.  Yes, I can breathe, but I can't sleep.  My throat is still as rough... well... maybe better.  At least my head is not woozy any more.  However, I got this horrible hot flash.  It was so unpleasant.  I hate it.  But I am generally feeling ok.

So that's it for today's post. ;)