Monday, December 23, 2013

This weekend

Hello everyone.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Our Friday started off with snow.  Ew.  Well, let me correct that:  if I don't have to drive anywhere myself (ie:  someone will provide transportation)... then I don't mind.  But being born in subtropical weather... I am not used to snow and I dislike driving in this condition.  So yes, I would rather the white stuff goes to the mountain to where the ski business would appreciate it more than I do.  THERE.  But thank God the snow all melted away on the way home.

 photo IMG_6181_zps77be7246.jpg
This was Thursday (I think) dinner. My dad took me to this new found noodle place. It was owned by his church member. Not bad, but I'd like it to be a bit more flavorful and hope that the beef is more tender.

 photo photo_zps5a42e749.jpg
Got this pressie in the mail! It's big enough to hold Gigi!

 photo IMG_6185_zpsb48f599a.jpg
Another gift from a talented friend. She made this! Infinite Love and Gratitude.

 photo photo1_zps1ef0a744.jpg
"Rediscovered" them while I was organizing. Dachshund balloon necklace. Yay!

 photo IMG_6195_zps8e25473f.jpg
This was on Friday. I wore these Timberland boots, because of the white stuff. And my soles started to fall apart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are old boots, but still.

 photo IMG_6199_zps618464e2.jpg
Friday's dinner at Nordstrom cafe. Delish. A great celebratory dinner for all the rain (ie: melted all the white stuff!)

 photo photo2_zpsd564834b.jpg
Cutie pie!  Being a good girl, while I cleaned.

 photo IMG_6210_zps9725f2dc.jpg
I recommend wearing gloves if you have dry hands (and/or eczema). They really help. I prefer the fuzzy ones on the left.