Sunday, January 19, 2014

New phone

I love my gadgets, but I got my first iPhone only 2 years ago.  It was a 4S and it was great.  And 2 years later, I am getting another new one.  Because the power button of the 4S is kind of stuck (same issue with my iPod nano, which the button is COMPLETELY stuck... this one is not as stuck), plus I am running out of space.  I am proud to say that I am no longer one of those who need the phone (or whatever it is) the day it is released.

I went there yesterday (Sat) around 10:30-ish and there was already very busy.  I had to wait a little bit and the lady was very nice and the process was quick.  Then someone got the phone from the back and I was moved to the "set up" desk.  I got to set up my phone there initially and make sure it works.  I didn't back up my phone at all using iPhone... but I did backup on my computer.  So when I plugged my new phone onto the computer, it sort of reload (wrong word) the phone and everything on my 4S is now on my new one.  So cool.  So it's just like having my old phone, but in a new body.

Anyway, I got a gold 32gb 5S!  Yay.

 photo photo_zpsaccdc6f8.jpg

I haven't remove both screens (front and back) yet... because I am waiting for my screen protector to arrive.  Have I told you:  I am the bestest screen protector apply-er.  LOL.  Everyone in the family ask me to do it for them.  Losers.


I also want to add that I feel the cellphone companies here are really trying to rip you off.  Bah.  Why can't I roll over my old plan when I was UPGRADING?  I am ok with a new contract, but when I have to pay more (on top of having to pay for the phone without discount.  How is that great?).  I do want a new phone, but the new plan is $20 more.  I like T-Mobile back in the day... when I get a new phone, I can keep my old plan, just have to sign a new 2 year contract.  So annoying.  I can't be the only one who feel this way.