Thursday, January 30, 2014

Random fun stuff

I am still loving my new phone. :)  Why wouldn't I, right?  I still keep my old phone.

 photo photo2_zps193558f6.jpg
I bought this new decal, not sure if I want to use it. It would cover up the pretty gold color. LOL And the pic is slightly blurry.

 photo photo1_zps69939cd9.jpg
I have been enjoying Supernatural, so I have to buy this tee. LOL.

 photo photo4_zpsb1ce724a.jpg
I am not a big football fan, but this is too cool. My coworker... his wife did this.

 photo photo3_zps390e13b6.jpg
Good fond memory of our time. It took her 5 years to be brave and all, but I love her so much!!!

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year.  So yay.