Sunday, January 5, 2014


So I finally watched the regeneration episode of Matt Smith.  Awww.  I did't cry.  Because honestly, there are things that I was a bit confused.  LOL.  But I am all good now and I will miss Matt very much.

I really enjoy warm and dry and clear weather. There are frost this morning and some ice (?) and I do not like it.  Freaks me out.  Being from a subtropical weather, this is already too much for me. :P  I should move to CA or something.  I know WA already is mild, but like I said I am from subtropical and I am a chicken.

 photo photo1_zps09134be8.jpg

One good thing about owning a Helmer is that is the perfect "system" for storing nail polish (or really whatever you want) and that it's metal and I have a perfect place to host all my magnets. :D  These are only some of my collection.  Lots of dachshunds and inspirational ones.

We went to Salty's for brunch on Saturday.  The food is good, but I am having enough.  Do you know they charge an automatic 20% tip?  Geez.