Sunday, January 12, 2014


Last night we were invited to one of our uncles' house for dinner to celebrate his new kitchen.  Yesterday the weather was nasty.  I know there are many places have nasty weather as well.  Our power was out for a few hours.  So was my uncle's.  We were not sure if the dinner will still be on.  Anyway power was back on and we are going and Gigi is allowed to go.  She was being a good girl.  She was mostly on my laps and under supervision.  I know my girl and if I let her roam, she will be looking for any edible in her mouth or to beg others for food.  Anyhoo.  She was a good girl, and even grandpa was praising her. :D

 photo photo_zps91e5c6de.jpg
At the dining table.