Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I am not sure if that's even the right thing. :(  But it happened again, thankfully it was very brief.  I immediately sprayed some rescue remedy on my tongue and walked out of my cube and try not to think about it.  The set off was so minor and weird...I had some lettuce stuck inside my teeth and the feeling of me not able to remove it (don't have my special floss thingy with me.  and trust me, I am getting one for my purse!) was the trigger, I think.  I think having this overwhelming and crazy started a year ago.  Thankfully I only had it a handful of times... but that's more than enough.  Every time it happened, I felt super overwhelmed and that I am going crazy (but not really) and that trigger was super intensified... usually it didn't last too long if I can get away and try to distract myself.  I don't recommend getting anxiety at all. :/