Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Eczema Skin Care: Winter Solutions

The National Eczema Association presented a workshop like 2 weeks (?) ago and now they are sharing the webinar on YouTube.

I haven't listen to it yet and I will be and hoping to get some tips.

On the other hand, my skin is acting up again... well, may be it never really left.  It's everywhere, my hands are not as bad as before, but eczema is not fun.  So I am working extra hard to keep my skin moisturize. I have been layering moisturizers and mentally I already feel better.  LOL.

Recent moisturizer choices:
I have rediscovered my Bubble and Bee lip balm.  I am using Karma Apple.  This is thick and not slick and I also enjoy the sweet taste.  And majorly organic.  I really like to rotate my lip balms.  I will love one for this week and and the next I will like something else. :)  Before this I was using Chocolate Strawberry (LE) from Epically Epic.  This particular one is more slick, smells great and also has a sweet taste.  I also rediscovered the Night Treatment lip balm from Hurraw.  What I like about it is that in the next morning, dead skin (I am assuming) are already "lifted"!!!  I don't remember this happening last time I used it (that could be because I don't have any dead skin on my lips)... but I love it.  My skin is baby smooth.  I also love the smooth, buttery texture (rather than slick).  So really try it!

Still love Metaderm eczema cream.  I know it has not completely healed my hand (will anything do that?  If so, please share!), but it's thick and didn't irritate my skin.  Borage Therapy Advanced Formula is still good, but I feel like it is not thick enough... I still use it at work and I use it as my face moisturizer.  Also using Working Hands and Booda Butter and my salve in my layering method:  Metaderm, Working Hands or Booda Butter and salve (in this order).