Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my 40th birthday.  It is a scary thought.  Very scary thought.

I got a whole body of eczema rash.  Blah.  Didn't sleep well neither.  Gah.  So one of my birthday wishes is to have physical and spiritual health.

After I woke up, I watched The Day of the Doctor again on TV and Blu-ray.  Loved it.  Made me a bit teary eye.  Matchstick man and Chinny.  Looooove.  Also did laundry too.

Then I went to watch Frozen.  It's a perfect day, because it's my birthday... it's a regular work day... it is already shown for a long time.  I was so dumb that I went to the wrong theater.  Duh.  There are 2 in the m area.  Who knew which is which... good thing is they are very close.  I got there in time.  It was a very good show.  I enjoyed it a lot.  And I bought the sound track.  For some reason, the queen reminded me someone, but I don't know who.

For dinner, we went to The Keg.  I got a coupon, so it's free (up to $25)... I had New York steak with baked potato with everything.  Soooooooooooo good.

 photo IMG_7218_zpsb2dbb625.jpg
Mini birthday cake.

 photo IMG_7210_zps1efa378a.jpg
Throwback Thursday

 photo IMG_7235_zps24762d33.jpg
Birthday dinner.

 photo IMG_7236_zpsa0203f3b.jpg
Birthday dessert

And at the end of the night, I took a bath and it was not bad.  I want to get a cheapy folding picnic table or so so I can use it in the bathroom to hold my iPad and stuff while I was soaking.  I have one, but I am using that in my room currently, those are cheap and handy.