Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Random thoughts

I am a mind wanderer.  Good thing?  Bad thing?  Don't know.  But I like to think of myself as a philosopher sometimes. ;)

First off...

I am late into this, but this is funny and weird. I like weird things.  No matter.  Moving on...

What I really want to write about is my old acquaintance.  We are not friends... I just have the misfortune to have to know it way too often and way too long.

I'd like to say people with eczema are ones
...who has high pain tolerance
that's from scratching.  I want to smack people who gave stupid advice "don't scratch".  DUH SHERLOCK.  If that's the solution, then eczema is nothing.  "Normal" people can't understand HOW ITCHY it can get.  That's why I super appreciate the "nothingness" feeling... by which I mean I don't feel the itch, I don't feel the pain,I don't feel the discomfort.  That's the ultimate feeling for eczema warriors!
...who has high self control ability
even though I just said scratching is unavoidable, that does not mean we don't try (at least I try).  Depends on the type of itch and the intensity, sometimes it's avoidable.  Sometimes not so much.  I'd say it's an art.  Very difficult art.
...who has high patience.
It's not something that taking a pill will get rid of.  Not just put some lotion on and then it will be gone in a second.  For me, I have moderate to severe ones and they like to come back.  I have to remind myself that it can not be cured, only managed.  And so far I have not find a lotion that I put on and the patches go "poof" and gone.  And especially this winter is particular brutal and long and winter is particular evil to eczema warriors.  So I am forced to be patient.  I have a variety bottles/jars of moisturizer.  They offer varying degree of comfort.

Ultimately, I think if I can MINIMIZE scratching and keep my skin moisturized, I can heal faster.  Easy said then done.  But that does not mean I don't or won't try.  But again, it will probably come back again.  And there are also other reasons that will trigger eczema, like stress, and what you eat etc.  Not a straight forward thing.  I wish there is a solid reason/solution.  I would gladly follow.   That's why I really roll my eyes when I heard people say "I have eczema on my ___" and there s/he has a tiny spot of dried skin.  Arg.

Anyway, just want to rant a little.