Monday, February 17, 2014

This weekend sucks

My eczema has flared up big time everywhere and it's unbearable.  It keep me up at night and it's itchy all the freaky time and I am not happy.  This also makes my 3 day weekend sucks even more.  Ballz.

 photo IMG_7109_zps1d69a659.jpg
Old pic of the valentine sweet girl.

 photo IMG_7120_zps0f2f7b90.jpg
Silly girl like to snug her head onto my laps.

 photo IMG_7095_zpsbf730edf.jpg
She also likes her cozy sack a lot.

 photo IMG_7108_zps7ffcecd2.jpg
So adorable.

 photo IMG_7131_zps1f26810d.jpg
She loved to give me lots of kisses the other night. :)

 photo IMG_7152_zps40d0e362.jpg
I found a bunch of old pics of Gigi. Love this so much.

I also did my brow on Saturday (thanks to my dad's birthday money) and bought a new eye brow pencil... and I also bought a few other drug store lippies etc.