Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What's up

Hi.  Telling you about my week with photos.

 photo IMG_6994_zps98335c16.jpg
Sunshine on Saturday. Gigi really wanted to go out! But she didn't know it's also very cold outside. So the alternative is soaking up the sun on the sofa.

 photo IMG_7016_zpsee7c59e5.jpg
And we got snow that night. Arg. Both of us are not impressed, but very thankful it started to thaw the next day.

 photo IMG_7027_zps7dfe2959.jpg

 photo IMG_6978_zpsd7be3a30.jpg
Can't resist taking selfie with Gigi.

 photo IMG_7032_zpsaea1f0e7.jpg
Breakfast from yesterday.  That lamb is hilarious.  And the cranberry white chocolate scone was yum.

 photo IMG_7051_zps164046e1.jpg
You are Beautiful.

 photo IMG_7050_zps918b91e9.jpg
Happy Birthday to me (one of my gifts to me). My first Lacquer Lust. Amethyst--my birthstone and my favorite color.

 photo IMG_6982_zps8a651c8d.jpg
Bought this recently. Bought the lip balms and got the butter for free!!! Good stuff and good price.

 photo IMG_6980_zps11a2a9e4.jpg
Truth. ;)

 photo IMG_7033_zpsf60d5bb0.jpg
All is well.