Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New week

Another week.  I stayed home yesterday, as I was super itchy and painful and tossing and turning... so I didn't get much sleep and I was still extra itchy and painful.  I am sick and tired of the roller coaster.  I was so happy it was all better last week and now it is all over again (not as bad... but still).  Arg.

I love spending time with Miss Gigi.  She is so cute.  She has been sleeping more... or so I feel like.  I know most pups sleeps when they are home alone.  She sometimes snores or make little noise when she sleeps. Love her so much.

 photo photo_zps579c8b05.jpg
I am working on reducing the amount of coffee I consume... so rather than just cut it cold turkey (probably hard for me mentally and then physically), I start by not drinking it everyday and drink more tea (mostly herbal). This is my Monday Grande Vanilla Latte.

 photo photo1_zps201e675c.jpg
Eating healthier is also my goal. This one is harder for me to achieve. This is a small start: salad and egg drop corn soup.

 photo photo2_zps8871ebd8.jpg
Some of my empties. I didn't keep all of my junk.

I bought some makeup on Sunday.  The Maybelline new blush (Face Studio Master Hi-Light), I bought the coral one and it's pretty.  Bought a NYC chubby lip pencil and a lipstick.  I tried the chubby and I like it. Now I have a huuuuuuuuuge bag of goodies that I am ready to give away.  I haven't have the time nor mood to tackle my nail polish stash yet.

 photo photo_zpse52e5620.jpg
Just want to share this lovely again. :D