Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Stupid itch would not go away

I had plan last night to do some soul searching, but a certain part of my body was so itchy making it difficult.  So annoyed.  Will try that again tomorrow.  But earlier.  I need to go to bed early in order to wake up semi refreshed.  Anyway.  Eczema can go to hell.  Also who would have known how much flakes can come from a hand.

 photo photo5_zps052fd752.jpg
This. LOL. Gigi is my child.  And Gigi is awesome.

 photo photo4_zps53ac62a8.jpg
Whenever she VOLUNTARILY came on my laps, I have to take some selfies. LOL.

 photo photo3_zpsf67aff52.jpg
My current fav lippies. Forgot to add EOS. I also discovered I do not enjoy pepperminty lip balm. Why? I thought I like it, but not any more. Proving people change.

 photo photo2_zps42f57348.jpg
Another frosty paw pic of my girl. Nails still amazing. :D

 photo photo1_zps193b6f22.jpg
And naughty girlie. And her ears flipped too. :D