Friday, March 7, 2014


Yay.  It's Friday.  I am slowly starting to feel better.  I was in a funk... for a long time now. :/  It was so funky that I think it was one of the reasons that my eczema was all wonky.  And I was having difficulties doing my taxes (but now mostly solved.  RELIEVE!) and this and that and  whatnot.  But the key is I AM FEELING BETTER.

Skin is not completely healed and there are times I need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and when I came back to my room.  This sweet face is always there waiting for me.  She wouldn't look at me, but her tail was wagging. :D

 photo photo1_zps5d8b48e4.jpg

Made another order from Dailylook.  Bought a new purse and THREE necklaces!!!  Bought a wanna be Rebecca Minkoff MAC in black.  I do like my hunter green one... it was on sale and the leather is soft, but what I really want was the black one.  But it feels stupid to buy the same one in a different color.  So I bought one from DL.  It is not bad for what it is.  I am satisfied with it.  It is smaller then my MAC and the strap is longer.  And I bought another dachshund necklace!  Didn't expect to find one there, but I did. :D  If you are not a member yet, please consider joining using my referral link.

 photo photo2_zps0460c34a.jpg

I took some selfies with Gigi this morning.  LOL.   She really is anti-pics right now.  But oh well.

 photo photo3_zps9f21a5dc.jpg

I love her expression here... I should be fearful of what she would do to me, right? ;)  And her wrinkly neck. :D

I finished Vampire Academy today.  I actually like it... so I will be reading the rest of the series. :)  They are already on my Kindle.

Had family dinner in China Town last night, since I arrived early, I get to go to my beloved Kinokuniya and Uwajimaya!  Bought 2 One Piece and 1 Det Conan.  I now have like 5 unread OP!  Lots of catching up to do.

So all in all, life is going up swing and I am being quite conscious of staying up deliberately.  All is well.