Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ups and downs

My skin was getting better, but seems like it's slipping a bit.  Sigh.

I am back to getting bleach bath and salt bath and lots of moisturizer and prayer.  Frucking eczema.  My diet did not go so well.  LOL.  But I managed to have no coffee today.  So 1 gold star for me.  The so called "diet" is from way back then when I went to the Chinese doctor... from my fading memories:  no beef, no shell fish, no spicy, no greasy, no deep fried, no coffee... and there are a few more things.

I think I am done with my tax.  Just need to file it.  I will let it sit a bit longer... will probably file by Sunday.  I am starting a 2014 file too.  Go me.  And another gold star.

And tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!!!!!