Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happy Thursday

Weekend is right around the corner!!!!!!

I weighed Gigi this morning, she is 9.2 lbs.  Yay.  I would love for her to be 10 lbs, but 9 is not bad and she looks good.  I, on the other hand, still like to lose like 20 lbs.  Don't know.

Bought some new ear buds.  I have been using my old Apple ear buds from who knows how long ago.  I had bought the newer ones, but don't like them much.  Also don't care too much for those in-ear type.  Not comfy.  My ears are relatively small, consider that I am faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. :P  I picked up some Sony Fashion Earbuds yesterday.  I like the old fashion regular, boring earbuds.  I got them in pink.  So far so good.  I hope they last a long time, but I know if they broke, I will just buy another same pair (different color). :)  I used to had something like this.  These are not bad.

I have been having a green juice everyday since I got the Magic Bullet.  Buuuuuuuuuuuut, I didn't use it as a meal replacement... so that is not helping.  I will need to eat less of other food.  But I feel good about consuming more good stuff.  My "go-to" is coconut water, apple, cucumber and spinach.  It's easy and good.  This morning I had a strawberry smoothie:  strawberries and milk.

Back to earbuds.  I use my iPod shuffle (since my nano died) everyday and I need earbuds.  I really miss my nano, because I have audio books in there.  That's the thing.  I enjoy audio books...BUT I love to read more.  I can't talk myself to go to audio books completely.  A lot of the ones I had are books that I have already read.  That's one of the ways I re-read books I enjoy a lot.  I am tempted to join Audible... but I am not sure.  It's $15 a month and you get one free book each month, which is not too bad.  But I need to sleep on it. :P

I am missing my nano.  Still loving my iPhone, though I could use more space. :P  Who knew 32gb is STILL not quite enough.  Though I admit I have now added lots of songs (which I previously did not with my 4S).  I am a gadget girl.  Still obsessed with my paperwhite Kindle.

 photo photo2_zps171f2f01.jpg
I figured out when Miss Gigi didn't want to have her pictures taken (or didn't want to do certain things)... she will yawn, look away (pretend she didn't hear!) or start stretching or scratching.  Totally like a human... she would do anything BUT the thing she was asked.  LOL.  This is from this morning.  She is so cute, right? :)  I love her so much.

 photo photo1_zps29585d9a.jpg

She was not entirely happy having her photo taken.  Geez.

I am still enjoying watching vlog on YouTube.  I am now seeing this blog as the written version of vlog.  It's about my life and what I want to share. I think it's fun.  It is sort of like a "documentary" of my everyday and my thoughts on things etc.  A good release for me.