Sunday, April 20, 2014

Health wealth

Health wealth is one of my resolutions.  And I am not doing very good this year so far.  Health wealth in my definition is abundant in physical and spiritual and mental health.

I think I already got a cold... had my share of headache, tummy ache etc... and the new thing:  anxiety or panic attack?  I don't know the difference... but I am going to call them anxiety for now.  The thing is I am not sure what can set it off.  It can be the tiniest thing and it is NOT a nice feeling at all.  The "good" thing is I can usually sense that it is coming.  I am still new to it, since it just started like 1 (or 2) years ago.

And I am also still struggling with eczema.  It comes and goes as it likes and it is quite annoying and painful.  I can get quite discouraged with it.

And I am trying to clean up my eating so that my overall health will get better.  My problem is that I eat way too much.  Damn.  I bought a Magic Bullet and have been enjoying making my little blended drinks.  I love using cucumber, spinach and coconut water... but I have been adding some banana, blueberries and watermelon to add some substance to the drink.  Because it's supposed to be a "meal replacement".

Gigi's health is good.  She is at a good weight (9.2 lb).  Everything seems to be great, though I know her teeth is not that good.  But she is in good spirit and appetite.  So all is well.