Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday again

Still not feeling too well.  WTH is wrong with me? :(

I did a mask yesterday and it was soothing... but this morning my skin seems to have some reaction to it?  I can't tell any more.  Because it was sort of irritated for awhile now (again, WTH is wrong with me???).  It was fine last time I used it.  It could have nothing to do with the mask.  But  I don't know.  The moment I try to take better care of myself, everything seems to fall apart.

I almost come to work with no makeup, but I didn't want to scare anyone, so I digged out the trusted mineral makeup (or is it not safe as well???)

I wanted something high coverage, so I decided to use Meow Cosmetic's Mineral Concealers.  My shade is Fierce Abyssinian.  I am normally in the range of Naughty, but the concealer shades runs a bit light... so...

Anyway, I just want to be a normal, boring person.  No drama, no nothing.

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She always make me happy.