Tuesday, April 1, 2014


April Fool.  Just another pointless day as Halloween in my book.  Key words:  my book.  If they are huge for you.  Yay for you.  For me... MEH.

So yesterday I was actually quite productive.  Took garbage out, while I was out, I pulled some weeds.  I am the only frucking person in the house who do any "community" house work.  By that I mean it's not just for me.  Like vacuum the entire house, pulling weed, cleaning the fridge.  Because my roommate is USELESS in that sense.  It was one of the reasons I didn't want to move to the house with her, because end up it will double my chore or triple.  Anyway, negativity aside, I am glad I did it.  I didn't do a very thorough job, just pulled the really big ones, but will actually use that little tool thingy next time I am doing it.  I planned to do a small section at a time.  I will actually plan ahead.  I do this for ME.  Not for the roommate or anyone else.  So it's all good.  See how I just turned a negative thing into a more positive one?

Anyway, on top of that I did a bunch of shopping.  Went to Sephora (online) and bought a bunch of stuff... (will share what I bought in a bit)... then discovered in the mail that there is a coupon for me starting this Thursday (I think).  That suck big time.  Anyway, I bought the following...
Foreo LUNA™ For Ultra-Sensitive Skin
Benefit Cosmetics It's Potent! Eye Cream
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

And this is the official link for the Foreo tool.  I like it better than the clarasonic, because it does not require a brush head and it seems to be just as good (if not) as the other options.  I have waited a long time to get something like this and I just took the plunge.

The eye cream that I am using is ooooooooold, like 2+ years... so it's time to get something new.  I have had a small size of this eye cream long time ago and I enjoyed it, so it's an easy decision.

And the last item is another eczema product for me to try.  I still have not found the "miracle" product for eczema yet.  You know the review you read "i put it on and next day it's gone".  Still waiting for that product.  Ok, joking.  I do have some products that I enjoy, just not magical like that though.  Haha.

I also bought the magic bullet.  I am looking forward to starting "juicing".  Time to start improving myself inside out!

Last night we slept better.  Well, I slept better, so I didn't wake Gigi up as often, so we both slept better.  She is a good girl.  I am so blessed.

I submitted another item to The Happy Page.  I hope they picked me again. :D  I will be sure to post it here if I got picked.

I am still loving Vampire Academy.  Onto 4th book now.  Also bought a few "self enrichment" books (that's what I am going to call them).  Added them to my phone too, so makes it easy to read.  The latest one is Jesus Calling. 

I am also loving the new organization on my phone... new folders etc.

So yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. 
Life is good.  All is well!