Saturday, May 17, 2014

Crazy Saturday

Gigi woke me up at around 8.

Did some grocery shopping.  Bought some sashimi and sushi and other goodies.  Also bought a bacon maple bar... and I don't think I "love" them, so I don't "need" them any more.

I have gained back all the weight I have lost (arounds 3 lbs).  Arg.  So continue onto the road of wellness.  

I finally got the neighbor to do our yard too.  I am so happy.  I know I "could" do it myself blah blah... but I don't have the correct equipment and I didn't really enjoy doing it.  Never had to do it in my life... plus it is quite affordable.  Today is the first session and I am pleased with it.  So yay.

Did a sheet mask today.  My favorite is Leaders Aloe Soothing skin renewal mask.  I think this is my current favorite mask.  It didn't irritate my sensitive skin, which is always a plus.  Then I watched a bunch of House.

We then went the vet to check out Gigi's lump.  They told me that was the site that they had the rabies shots (4/26/14, she also got her dental that day), so it could be a reaction from that.  Gigi got some pills from that (anti inflammatory) and the vet was not too concerned.  While she was there, they did a regular check up and found she has heart murmur... which means on top of the regular heart beat, the vet also heard swooshing sound... which could mean the valve of the left side of the heart chamber is faulty or worn out.  That's what the vet told me. I am glad they found it out while we were there (she told me me it wasn't noted during her dental)... Vet suggested to see their cardiologist and possibly getting an ultrasound just to be sure, so will be doing that soon.  I also still need to get her the chair for her mega-esophagus.

 photo photo2_zps2faea9d9.jpg
I may or may not like purple. The nail polish is still going strong. And my jacket happens to match my polish and also Gigi's fleece. :D

 photo photo1_zpsa0634345.jpg
Treating myself a mocha cookie crumble frap.