Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I am finally able to tell you I actually feel much better for real.  It's one of those "I feel nothing" feeling I was talking about before.  It is good to feel normal and ordinary again.  I also started to gain back the weight I lost.  ha.  I lost about 3 lb just that week, but gained at least 1 and almost 2 back. ;)  I am totally serious about getting into healthy again.  Though last night I binged a bit.  I am so lack of self control.  So it's today.  I had some green "smoothie" this morning (watermelon, blueberries, spinach and coconut water).  I shared some blueberries with Gigi.  She really loves it, it's so cute.

I am finally slowly back into my quiet time routine, it makes me happy and I want to incorporate the "be healthy" routine.  I am excited. :)

Also enjoying my new iPod nano.  Putting all good stuff in it.  Little things that makes me happy.  I am still bum that my previous iPod "died".  Well, it didn't completely died, but the power button does not work any more.  The only way to turn it on is to plug it in... and obviously I can't turn it off either.  Ha.  So it will work as long as it's plugged in and synched.  Not throwing that away though.  I have like 4 or 5 other old iPods sitting in my office.  Love them.  :)  Some still work.

 photo photo1_zps51d82f23.jpg
I painted this on Thursday... and it was going strong till last night. But that's like 5 days! Not bad at all. I haven't paint my nails in a long time, so this is awesome. Llarowe's Rockin' My Juju.

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The goofballs
Found a lump on Gigi's body. On her right side... like on her thigh. Will be taking her to the vet on Saturday. It does not bother her when I poke it. This is like the 3rd "thing" she has. My baby girl.