Sunday, May 25, 2014


Happy weekend!  This is a lovely week for the most part so far.  So let's linger on the happiness.

Nothing too excited going on.  I finally bought the ultimate dvd (or whatever it's called) for Cars. :)  I love Cars.  Also bought Vampire Academy.  The book is better.  Duh.

 photo photo1_zps49ddfdf6.jpg
I love the shadow on the wall. She is so cute.

 photo photo3_zpse9a7ab75.jpg
Her #ootd. :D Always love this dress.

 photo photo2_zpsf9ebfc45.jpg
Part of her cardiology report.

 photo IMG_9181_zpsb5890b6e.jpg
Silver Platinum from Silly Lilly. Yay.  I looooooooooooooove holo.