Friday, May 9, 2014

Prayers 20140505-20140508

More heartfelt prayers

Thank you god for a good morning.
Teach me to leave my burden before you. Know that a lot of burdens are created by me. I can let them off my shoulders.
God please let me let go of my worry. There is nothing to be worried about when you are in charge.
Thank you Jesus that I am loved by Gigi. You put such a little bundle in my hands and she wholeheartedly trust me and love me. That's the kind of faith I need.
God please give kindness and wisdom to my doctor and assistants to help me. No matter what I have.
Protect and guide my parents to let them see clearly what is their next step.
Thank you to all medical personnel. Thanks for their knowledge and their professionalism and kindness.

God please give me peace so I can calm down. I do not like my default to the worse situation. There are so many possible outcomes and I should trust in you and not make my own judgement. Don't judge others and myself. Duh. I am only doing more harm to myself.
God please be with me.

我不過是暫時在隧道中,不久就會重見天日的。他們告訴我,有一天我將站在橄欖山頂享受復活的榮耀。但是,父阿,我還要向您討一件東西-我要十字架一步一步領我上去。我要知道這世界的患難是一條近路-一條進入父家的路。求您叫我知道爬山的一段力氣是必須花的,因為您的家是在山上!我既能在火中遊行,患難怎能傷害我呢?-馬得勝(George Matheson)
Me who is insufficient in faith need Lord your forgiveness and strength. I need to stop all assumptions and guess and put my trust in you. Knowing you have the bestest plan for me. Please give me clear direction as I am not the smartest. Give me a forgiving heart. A kind and loving soul. I am made in your likeness, please let that likeness shown.
Also very thankful for the opportunity  at work. How lucky and amazing is that. Thank you Jesus.