Friday, May 2, 2014

You do not want to buy this

My old old old trusty MP3 player died.  I have been using it as my radio, since I can't update the software any more, so I can't update my playlist, so I use the radio function... but like I said, it died.  Do you know how difficult to buy a small normal/regular radio? 

Anyway, I picked this HDE Portable Mini Speaker, MP3 player and FM radio from Amazon.  I know I should not expect too much based on the review and price and trust me, I am not.  But this thing is disappointing.

It is small.
It is not expensive.
It does look kinda cute.

The instruction does not match the product.
Display is not in English.
No radio reception.
Since I can't read whatever language on the display, I can't (or haven't been able to) figure out what is what.
Can't even set the time and date, because of the language barrier and unhelpful instruction/manual.
The on off switch is mislabeled.  I mean the on actually is off and vice versa.  REALLY.

So where can a girl buy a normal radio that is not too big and expensive???

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