Thursday, June 19, 2014

Almost Friday TGIAF


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If you found this blog because of the pic above, THANK YOU.  The Gi and I got featured on Metaderm's IG. :)   I talked about anything I want on this blog here:  Gigi, nail polish, books, life, eczema etc.
I have been using their cream for months now (has it been a year?  I don't know.).  It does help me to manage my eczema and they are very helpful.  I like them.

I bought The Lego Movie on Tuesday... the day it came out.  And I think it was ok.  I was having very high hope.  Because my coworker said he really liked it... and even his family really liked it.  It is not bad, just not as good as I hope.  It is definitely a LOA kind of movie.  Everyone can be special when you set your heart on it. :)  I do like Lego.

Here are some motivation, positivity and affirmation for everyone.  Yay.

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The Gi and I on Wednesday, I think. 

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And this is from this morning.

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Painted my nails last night, because there was a small chip on my last manicure already. Boo. This is Aly's Dream Polish in Tiffanytea. I have worn it before, but I like this cheerful Tiffany color. And it's holo. Woot.  My nails are still ridge-y.  It makes nail polish application a challenge sometimes.  This is 2 coats.  I definitely need 2 coats, could use 3.  I am really taking advantage of my skin being "good" and wear polish all the time. :)  But I do have some blisters on my palm now. :/