Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I have already surpassed the number of books for my Goodreads reading challenge.  I am so glad I love to read. I mostly enjoy mystery books, and I also love other type of books. When I was younger, I love 衛斯理... which is sci-fi kind of book.  I read a loooooooooooot of those.  And I also love a good love story.  But the majority of books I read then are Chinese books.  English books were a torture.  Ha.  But now I love both Chinese and English books.

So I finished Divergent and I really enjoy it and am going to buy the other 2.  I also prefer ebooks more than real books.
--fast and easy buying, you can get your book right away after purchase
--doesn't take up shelf space
--no one has to know what I am reading
--I can have a lot of books in one device

Some of the books I like
Harry Potter series
Mr. Monk series
In Death series
Vampire Academy series
Twilight series
Rizzole series