Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Happy Wednesday

It actually felt like Thursday or Friday. :/

Went to Whole Food last night to get some pre-cut watermelon, because I love using that for my juice... but they don't have any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They have the whole watermelon, but I only want to buy a tub or 2.  Poopie.

And also I should also stop reading medical advice on the internet.  True, the internet is a very helpful tool... I totally agree, but there are things you want to only use it as reference.  I am driving myself crazy and mad.  And that's not a good thing.  {{slap myself}}

 photo photo_zps15f93db6.jpg
Cutie. I sort of like this new app.

 photo photo1_zps1fe6eccd.jpg
Adorable wiener. :D

 photo photo2_zpsdb9b242f.jpg
Darling Diva Polish Donna Bella. Purple holo. Enough said.

 photo photo_zps6f80ff83.jpg
Trust in Him. Trust in Him. Trust in Him.
God loves me. God loves me. God loooooooooooooooooves me.

I am thankful for
the fun, loving and energetic Gigi
my clear skin
modern medical technology and technology in general.  Making life so much easier and efficient and enjoyable.
nice weather