Monday, June 23, 2014


Happy Monday.

I am an idiot.  I have these face masks I bought from Imomoko.  I bought 2 kinds actually.  Both for sensitive skin.  One is Otaku brand, the other is Leaders Insolution.  Initially I don't think I have any issues with them.  I even reordered them.  Then I noticed I got some reaction from Otaku a few months back, but I wasn't sure if it was from the mask.  And last night I tried it again and I am 99.9% sure it's that dang mask.  An hour or so later, I got some rashes all over my face (just like last time).  And it's itchy and ugly.  Arg.  What the heck!  My face is fine with the other brand though.  So that is good.  I just want to take care of my body and this is what I got.  Dang.

 photo photo4_zps915acecb.jpg
This is from this morning. You can not see the rashes, because I added a filter and I put some makeup on. But you can totally see the rashes in person. :( I felt like I am better off if I just go bare face. But Gigi is smiling. :) She likes to hide in my parents room lately. There is a pile of blankets on the floor (not sure why. Must be the sister.) and she likes to burrow in them. So cute.

 photo photo3_zpsdcf5e565.jpg
Positivity for the day. Yes! Make the right choice!!!

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Reposting this again. Because I am pretty sure I have posted this before. That's Gigi's lookalike. They are almost identical (in the pic)! If you have met Gigi in person, you would agree.

 photo photo2_zps3b8cb967.jpg
Some of my favorite everyday essential. Don't want to live without them.