Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday again

Hello Monday and friends.

Just some pic I took over the weekend.

 photo photo3_zpsc596b319.jpg
I received my nail vinyls, so I used that on my middle finger (which has the least ridges) and it looks great. I think it works for my 2nd day nails, because I don't have the patience the same day I do my nails... as you need dried nails to use the vinyls (different than my decal, as this one you remove after application). I even got a compliment at Sephora yesterday.  I never got compliments.

Here are a bunch of cute pics of Gigi. She has been extra cute lately. I seriously realize how much I am in love with her. She is my everything. I need her as much as she needs me.

 photo photo4_zpseefebb92.jpg
Enjoying the sun. :)

 photo photo2_zps92b6eabd.jpg
I think this was yesterday grocery shopping. The moment I put the phone in front of her, she turned her head. :/

 photo ba8f428e-67fc-433d-9055-c8850861d3f8_zps49b64581.jpg
This morning. She is so freaking cute.  She is feeling chunky too. :D

I have enjoyed rewatching Journey to West... which is a Cantonese tv show back in 1996 (I think)!!!!!!!!!  It was very good and quite "techy" back then and Dicky is awesome... since it involved lots of CGI.  TVB is showing a new one and I watched some of it (preview) on YouTube, it was icky.

I also want to say I am very happy that I can get inspired from almost anything and anywhere.