Friday, June 6, 2014


Yesterday was a day that shocked me.  Around 3:30 or so I got a text from our security office that we are in a lock down.  And that it is not a drill.  So I locked myself in my boss's office.  And then I decided to look up what's going on.  There were casualties and it was emergency.  And shortly after that we learned that there is a shooting on campus.  My office building is not close to it, but I keep hearing sirens and helicopter.

I have posted a link or 2 below of what I have found on the web.  Let's just say the community is shaken.  It is so unreal.

But I am thankful for the fast responds of our school, SPD and the first respondents.  My boss was the chair of a team that plan for what to do in emergency and it turned out so useful.  These are things you just want to practice and then file away, but not to have to use it in the real life.  But things happens... bad things happen.  And we are prepared.

Anyway, pray for SPU.  Pray for the students involved and their family.  Pray for the the other students, faculty and staff.  Pray for our community.

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