Thursday, June 26, 2014


We did not sleep well last night.  Gigi keep getting up.  It was a bit warm last night, so I think that was the reason and then she was gagging a bit after 4, I had to let her get on the floor, she was going to puke on the bed.  WTF.  So the poor girl puked twice.  I thought I saw some of the sweet potato in there.  So no breakfast for her this morning.  She was puke-less for a very long time and I was very pleased.

And this is probably very TMI, so feel free to skip it.  I am on BCP for my crazy heavy flow and this month I forgot to take it TWICE... all in one week.  So it completely wrecked my period.  And I also had a leak earlier today.  Damn.  Thank God I had a stain remover wipe in my Pinch Provision bag.  Just my luck.  Now I just need to refill that little bag.  I am so glad I have it at work.  I customized my bag... adding and replacing items.  It is kind of fun.  I mean customizing the bag, not leaking and all that crap.

No pic of Gigi yet.  But here are some positivity goodies.

 photo photo1_zps55380ca2.jpg

 photo photo2_zps4252964e.jpg