Friday, June 6, 2014


Today was uneventful.  Sort of.  I am not feeling very good today.  I am doing better now I have eaten and is at home resting.

Went to the service for the shooting.  It was nice, but I was really feeling crappy then.  I will be having a doctor's appointment on Monday.

 photo photo3_zpsded3fe3e.jpg
Last night in bed.

 photo photo1_zpsf1ddcf41.jpg
Taken at Martin Square. I am so proud of SPU and SPD and all that's involved. I am thankful.

 photo photo2_zps78296d6e.jpg
This is my Teefury grab bag Who edition. I like both of them.

Today I am thankful for my body. Her amazing made and design. I am thankful for my hair, my eyes, my ears, my nose, my lips, my teeth, my skin, my organ, my inside and outside. Everything sync perfectly.