Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend post

Because pictures are better than work.  Then there is I am lazy.

 photo photo3_zps6987e490.jpg
This is KB Shimmer Pt Young Thing.

 photo photo2_zps655aacfb.jpg
Gift from friend.  Jacob Orange Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thought they were extinct.

 photo photo1_zps451ce6b7.jpg
Gigi and the toy and then there is her in her pink fuu fuu years ago. :D

 photo photo_zpsac577af1.jpg
Then I added more to the design to make them SMAP nails!!!
I don't have a "solid" pink, so this is sort of pale.
Pink (Nakai) -- Cult Nails Enticing
Red (Kimura) -- essence fame fatal
Yellow (Kusanagi) -- Cult Nails Feel Me Up
Green (Katori) -- Cult Nails Deal With It
Blue (Inagaki) -- Cult Nails Time Traveler