Saturday, July 19, 2014


Hello Saturday.

We are having a productive day so far today.

 photo photo2_zpsd8475a49.jpg
Woke up at a decent hour (8am ish)

 photo photo1_zpsacb3f840.jpg
Went to campus and had a brisk short walk and took some pictures. This is the only one she was looking at the camera.

 photo photo3_zpsaa41f725.jpg
Came home and mini organize my office and found this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thought I had lost it. So this is great.

 photo photo4_zpscaed443f.jpg
Lunch is ramen with thinly sliced pork and spinach.

Also really into quiet time now.  Writing affirmation and feeling as positive as I am.  I want my mind, body and soul to forgive each other and work as one.  As this is God's temple and he gave this to me for His reason.  So time to wake up and do good.

 photo photo_zpsb7ca0e3e.jpg
Another look of my new EP. I think I do like May 2014 (orange). It's nice and happy.

 photo photo_zpsa0f84ab2.jpg
My health affirmations.

 photo photo_zpseec12eea.gif
Another photo I made with today's fun morning.

I am off to watch some crazy Shaolin Soccer. :D