Friday, July 11, 2014

Cherry ok for dogs?

I have now always look it up online quickly when I want to feed Gigi some fruit or veggie.  I normally don't give her any "human" food.  So I googled cherry the other day, and from the links I saw, cherries are ok as long as you only feed the flesh, no pit or leaves.  And I saw the following comment on my IG after I posted a little video of me giving Gigi some cherries.

 photo photo_zps0587729d.png

I am usually ok with suggestions and comments.  But her comment sounds like accusation to me.  I did googled it first.  So it sounds like I already knew it's poisonous and I deliberately feed Gigi food to kill her.   I could be overreacting... but I just don't like her tone.  So I deleted the comments and blocked her.

I googled again after reading kalainasharmay's lovely and friendly comment... a few links did say it is poisonous.  Though not Web MD (which is considered more reliable).  I will not give Gigi any more cherries.