Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Half way through the work week

Good morning.  I drove in by myself today, as I want to get a doctor appointment today, so it is just easier to have my beloved car with me.  I want to also buy a journal for my devotion and/or whatever... like blogger/livejounal the "old fashion" way.  But mostly for devotion stuff. :)

 photo photo1_zpsf5ca3263.jpg
Used up another bottle... this is like the 5th large one I have finished. I just opened my 6th one.

 photo photo3_zps62834d6a.jpg
Slept with this girl last night.

 photo photo2_zps5db6ed0f.jpg
I am so glad I am back on doing devotion and getting close to God again.

 photo photo4_zps54797337.jpg
Love new tube of lippie. So smooth and pretty!  This is Bite Beauty Lush Lip Tint in Lychee. This one shows all my patches. Yikes.

 photo photo5_zpsafd51f98.jpg
Holo nail polish and my coffee. Yay.  I also got a large iced tea.  Earl Gray.