Tuesday, July 8, 2014


You know what makes me happy yesterday?  I walked into my room after my shower.  Gigi was burrowed in her blankie, all you can see is part of her nose and her tail.  And she was wagging her tail like crazy. :)  She knew it was me coming back to my room and she was happy.  Little thing like that makes me happy.  Like she knew we are a team and she loves me. :)

These are some of the other things that makes me happy. :D

 photo photo2_zpsb26220c5.jpg 
Bought this for a long time.  Finally wearing it.  It's a curved disk.  With a line from my favorite "poem", Footprint in the Sand.  "It was then that I carried you." 

 photo photo_zps26445273.jpg 
Selfie with the Gigi Sushi. :)  She was smiling. ;) 

 photo photo3_zps821f8d89.jpg 
She is not picky where and when to sunbath. :) 

 photo photo2_zpsf2f292bd.jpg
And she loooooooooooooooves blueberries.

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