Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Recent loves

What am I enjoying recently...

  • One Piece!  I am catching up the 6 or 7 new books. It is so good!  It is not "just comic books".
  • Metaderm eczema cream.  Keeping my skin happy.
  • Hurraw Moon Balm. Keep my lips smooth and awesome.  This morning the dead skin on my lips are "floated" on top and I just wipe them off with a moist tissue.  Cool.
  • Jesus Calling.  Keeping me grounded and that God has my best interest.
  • Affirmation.  Keeping me positive and that there is God on my side.
  • Gigi.  She is the cutest, smartest and prettiest girlie.
  • My phone.  It is still my very useful tool.

 photo photo1_zpsd3087be4.jpg
See what I have to deal with everyday???

 photo photo2_zpsc1dbf7fb.jpg
The flower pic is from campus.  So colorful and amazing.