Monday, July 28, 2014

Skin update

I thought I would do a little update on my skin.  Sure, why not?

Summer is better for my skin.  Not perfect, but I suffer less.  My hands are so much better.  The blisters still show up from time to time on my hands (blisters are always a sign of what could come.  Yuck.), but it never develop further into full fledge eczema.  It still gets itchy from time to time, but again, not as serious when it was Winter.  My arms do get more itchy and then I get bumps.  Now my face is also getting some eczema.  Grrr...It is mostly on the side of my jaw... but not too bad.  I have been going makeup free for a few weeks now and it is surprisingly freeing.  I wear lots of lippies.  My current favorite is fresh Sugar tinted lip treatments.  Just bought a few new ones yesterday.

I use Metaderm eczema cream at least twice a day all over (sometimes on my face too) and throughout the day I will use various kind of moisturizer.  So all in all my skin is kind of "calm" now.  I am totally enjoying it (though I do not like the hot hot weather) and wear all the nail polish I can.