Monday, July 14, 2014


The weekend wasn't getting any better (weather-wise).  I took Gigi to have her nails trimmed on Saturday and her bum was full... but it is all good now.  Went to the mall to get food for lunch yesterday.  Didn't buy anything from Sephora. ;)  I did have an online order that should be coming tomorrow or so.  hmm...

 photo photo4_zps9734fefd.jpg
Gigi would looooooooove to have the "donut snout cuff" on her nose. ;)

 photo photo3_zps21a66272.jpg
Still loving this drink.

 photo photo2_zpsed4641cb.jpg
God, help me to set my priority straight!

 photo photo1_zps30ae46a8.jpg
Have I posted this already?  Anyway, I took more pics again.  So cute. I may keep both of them to myself, as I can always buy another one. ;) I reaaaaaaally love them.