Monday, July 28, 2014


The weekend is too short.  Gah.  It was a nice one though.  Went to baby shower on Saturday... which was a big (ish) family gathering really.  Yesterday I went a little shopping for myself.  But then it got too hot and I had a headache and took an Aleve and went to bed early.  But all in all it was good.  I watched a looooooooooooot of YouTube videos.  Like lots!

 photo photo1_zps7b96f888.jpg
Footprints in the Sand is my favorite poem, so this is extra special to me. :D

 photo photo2_zps83642e9c.jpg
Did my nails. A England Dragon. So pretty. Chevron is PT Young Thing by KBShimmer. Since then I did a little extra on my pointer finger, because there was a chip. :/

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One pic from Katorium.

 photo photo5_zps621aa3bd.jpg
Sunbathing. She is too cute.

 photo c912f741-d868-434c-8004-492577a35fea_zps711b6233.jpg
My treat to myself. I really like this lip balm. Not cheap, but good stuff.

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 photo photo4_zpsa31330cc.jpg

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All is well.