Friday, August 22, 2014


Yay for Friday!  Work is busy and I am thankful and happy. :)

 photo photo4_zpsf19e4ff5.jpg
I bought these yesterday.  Yes, I have all the DVDs already, but having all them in 2 disks?  Yes.  I got them yesterday.  And with my luck when I was looking for them (I have seen them before) some lady was looking at the same thing and took the last second disk.  So I was thinking "you don't want it"... and she REALLY put them back on the rack.  Ha!

 photo photo1_zpsd83b849a.jpg
She REALLY is so cute.

 photo photo2_zps13f02b4c.jpg
Got my goodie box from Metaderm.  Can't wait to try everything.  Will blog about them soon.

 photo photo3_zps51204ea7.jpg
Whenever I turn on my other lamp, it gives the cutest shadow.  Look at her face and the cute shadow.

 photo photo5_zps2be1cce8.jpg
And some positivity, of course.